Update FreenetTray on Mac OS X

If you have an older Freenet installation on Mac OS X, or you have been instructed to update the FreenetTray application, you should follow these steps to update the app to the most recent version:

  1. Quit and delete the old version of FreenetTray.app from your Applications folder (do NOT delete the "Freenet" folder, if present)
  2. Download the most recent version from Github.
    • Note: FreenetTray version is the last version that supports OS X 10.7, version 2.0+ requires OS X 10.8+
  3. Double click to unzip the app (only Chrome/Firefox users will need to do this)
  4. Double click to run FreenetTray.app


If run from your Desktop, Downloads, or another folder, the new version will ask you if you would like to move it to your Applications folder.

We strongly suggest you agree or move FreenetTray.app there yourself so that certain features will work properly, like automatically starting Freenet with your Mac.