Freenet crashed on Windows


While there are a variety of things that may cause Freenet to crash or fail to start on Windows, one of the most frequent causes is the version of Java installed.

Some common symptoms of this issue include:

  • Freenet failing to start from the tray app
  • A message appears telling you Freenet has crashed
  • The wrapper log file contains entries like:
    • 5 failed launches in a row

Freenet requires 32-bit Java 7 or Java 8. If you only have a 64-bit version of Java installed, Freenet may not function properly.

Note: Even if you already had 32-bit Java installed at some point, it may be automatically replaced with a 64-bit version due to a change in Oracle update policies. We're working to make Freenet compatible with 64-bit Java, but in the meantime please follow the instructions below to get Freenet working again.

Please check in Control Panel -> Programs and Features to ensure you have a non-64bit version of Java installed:


If you do not have an entry similar to the one highlighted in red, please download a new "Windows Offline" version of Java and install it, then try to start Freenet again.

If this does not fix the issue, please open a support ticket.